NG Slots

NG Slots

NG Slots is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. It provides a wide variety of information and videos for people to enjoy. It also has a Patreon account that people can use to support the website.

NG Slot’s net worth

NG Slot is a famous casino gambling vlogger who runs a YouTube channel. He earns a lot from the YouTube business, as he has a huge audience in the United States. He earns most of his income from online casino affiliate programs and donations from live streams.

He has over 342K subscribers on YouTube. His channel has a Social Blade rating of B+. He also runs a Patreon account. His patron tiers range from $2 to $1,500. He sells merchandise on Teespring. He also owns a jewelry business in Russia.

NG Slot’s net worth is estimated at $1.8 million. He is currently 35 years old. He was born in California, United States. He currently lives in Nevada, United States. He has a wife and three children. He occasionally visits neighboring states. He has earned over $13,000 from his video on Triple Double Gold 3.

He has been playing slots for four years. He has earned two Dragon Cash jackpots worth over $20,000. His biggest profit was $44,668 on Black Diamond. His channel has over 158,000 followers on Instagram. He has also been featured in several YouTube videos. His most popular video was on roulette at Resort World.

He has worked hard to establish his YouTube business. He has created a great channel with amazing content and cool thumbnails. He uses striking titles and engaging images to keep his audience interested. His channel generates between $ 299 and $ 3907 in advertising revenue each year. He has 16 Patreon subscribers.

He started his professional career on YouTube. He gained a loyal audience for his simple and entertaining style of vlogging. His channel has become one of the most popular casino gambling channels on YouTube.

Streaming schedule

NG Slots is a YouTube content producer whose name is synonymous with casino gaming. He does not have a set schedule for uploading videos, but it appears he uploads one or two per day. The channel aficionado also has a small but devoted following, most of which appear to be fans of the man. He also runs a modest store on Teespring, where he sells T-shirts, phone cases, and other wares. NG Slots also has a well curated Twitter account. It is clear that he takes pride in his accomplishments, and regularly posts about his escapades. In a recent survey, he claimed he has a net worth of over $1 million. NG Slots also has 16 patrons on Patreon. The lowest tier starts at $2 per month. NG Slot’s most expensive tier clocks in at $1,500 per month.

The name of the game is not only to produce content, but also to monetize it. NG Slots has a YouTube channel with a healthy 6,000 subscribers. He also has a Twitter account, a Teespring store, and a Patreon account. His least expensive tier earns him $250 per month. In January 2020, NG Slot played through roughly $50,000 worth of spins. The name of the game is to make money, and he’s got a system that can do the job. NG Slot is a YouTube aficionado who’s well suited for the role.

YouTube subscriptions

NG Slots, aka NG Slotty, has been uploading video clips to YouTube for almost a year and a half now. He has won a few awards in the process, including a YouTube Gold Award for his most impressive video, and an award for tying the best performance in the company’s monthly contest. The YouTube aficionado also owns an online store on Teespring, which he runs from his home in Las Vegas. He also runs a Patreon account, which he uses to reward a select few lucky fans. In January of 2020, he played through a cool fifty thousand dollars worth of spins.

A cursory survey of the YouTube comments section reveals NG Slot is a devoted fan of gambling, casino slots and video games in general. He’s even dabbled in the world of affiliate marketing and has racked up over two million views on his channel. He’s also a bit of a whirlwind, as he’s also an avid traveler, and likes to get out and about. The best part is that he’s a nice guy, and not a jerk. He’s also an avid social media user, and has the good graces to thank his fans in the comments section. As of writing, NG Slot has a whopping thirty thousand followers on Twitter, and more than a dozen patrons on Patreon. He also has a good social media presence on Facebook, where he frequently posts photos of his escapades and gives his fans a glimpse into his personal life.

Patreon account

NG Slots is a YouTube channel that posts videos of slots and casino games. The NG slot channel was founded in 2017. Narek Gharibayan started uploading videos of his slot machine sessions. Later, he upgraded his style of content and started a live stream.

The NG Slots channel has over 157 million views. Narek has gained over 346,000 subscribers. The channel also has a Facebook page. NG Slots also has a Teespring store. Its audience is located in the US market. Narek is an Armenian citizen living in California. He also runs a jewelry business in Moscow, Russia. He occasionally visits cities nearby.

Narek’s YouTube channel is a popular one and has earned him a Silver Play Button for reaching 100,000 subscribers. He also has a Patreon account. His patrons can donate up to $ 120 per month. In the lower tiers, patrons can pay as little as $2 a month. In the higher tiers, patrons can choose to pay up to $1,500 a month to access exclusive content and live streams.

NG Slots earns between $2,000 and $25,000 a month through his YouTube channel. He also makes money through Patreon and other online affiliate deals. NG Slots is estimated to make around $300,000 per year from YouTube. This includes advertising. The NG slot channel has about 6,000 new subscribers per month.

Narek Gharibayan is currently living in Los Angeles, California. He also plays gambling games at various casinos across the United States. His videos have received positive feedback from his fans. He also has an online store where he sells jewelry. He also has a Patreon page, which allows him to earn up to $1,500 a month.


NG Slots is a popular YouTube channel, which focuses on casino vlogging. The channel’s videos have been viewed over 157 million times, and it has attracted 23,000 subscribers. NG Slot also has a Patreon account, where supporters can donate money to help support the channel. The channel also sells T-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases.

NG Slots has been uploading videos for years, and it is likely that NG Slots is able to earn a good living from his videos. The channel has been awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button for surpassing the 100K subscriber mark. The channel’s social media account is full of posts thanking fans for their support. The channel has also received several donations from fans for a live stream. The channel has also earned a few affiliate marketing contracts, which have helped boost the channel’s monetization.

One of NG Slot’s most popular videos was a Buffalo Grand Slot Machine live play max bet video. This video was no small feat, and garnered a lot of attention.

Narek Gharibayan, the channel’s creator, is a native of Armenia. He moved to the US in 2001, and went to school in Los Angeles. He began recording his casino sessions on YouTube, and eventually decided to start a professional career in the video game industry. NG Slots started to gain some traction, and he eventually relocated to Los Angeles. He also opened up an online store on Teespring, where he sells hoodies, T-shirts, and phone cases.

NG Slots is one of the most popular channels on YouTube, and has earned a large income from his business. He is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million in 2022. The channel has attracted a good number of fans, and the channel’s videos are enjoyable to watch.

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