Prism of gems


Prism of gems has been a big winner on the online casino scene. I played this game a while back and really liked it. However, I found out that many people like this same game but go into the casino with the idea of gambling and not really playing for fun. So, what is the catch? Is there any way to really enjoy the game and get a real feeling for it? I will discuss what I think the catch is and how to ultimately play the game and have fun while winning big at the same time.

The catch is that it is one of those games where you really need to pay attention to strategy and thinking ahead of time. Prism of gems slot machine operates under the same basic principle that you find in many of the better payer machines out there. You start by selecting a number of symbols from the pile on the left hand side of the screen. You then select a number from the top of the right hand side of the screen. Finally, you select the symbol you wish to place into the center of the pie.

What makes this slot machine so fun to play, is that the symbols you are using are going to have some very important impact on which cards you are able to see and get paid off. Let’s say you have a particular symbol in mind. You can use that symbol a couple of times on either the left or right of your card values to maximize your payouts. That’s because you want to place more of these symbols onto your bet when you have more of them. This same principal applies to the bottom of your card values as well.

What is a little bit odd about this game is the way it is played. The payout comes in on a progressive scale. This means that as you hit the number five on your progressive wheel you will begin to see more of your winnings start to add up. On the lower levels of play you will only be seeing about half of your winnings. However, once you reach the rTP 15 area where you will be seeing a much better payout, you may be ready for a big win.

The two slot features that you need to watch out for when playing with prism of gems are the payouts and the freezing screens. When you enter a new code during registration, you will get the message “You pressed the button to activate your Prism of gems and are now ready to go! Your bonus points will also increase!” You should be aware of the fact that after you press the button to activate your progressive deck, you are unable to change it back. The screen will stay frozen until you activate it again.

The last slot feature that we are going to talk about is the “cascading symbols”. You can activate this feature by pressing the shift key while at the main menu. This will cause a screen to pop up that has five different symbols arranged in a cascading pattern. Each symbol represents one of the five random gem drops that are randomly picked during game play.


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