Fire toad


If you want a slot machine that pays off in a hurry, the Fire Toad slot machine is it! It has all the fun that you can expect from a slot machine and also you are sure to get a payout in no time at all. The machine operates on the same principle as the other slot machines in the land. You pull the handle of the machine and a bright light illuminate on the opposite end of the string. When the light flashes, so does the fire on the end that leads to the popping sound of the jackpot.

The Fire Toad slot games has several differences from the other slot games and this is what makes it different. Compared to the other slots in the land, the Fire Toad slot machine comes with 8 reels, 4 horizontal lines and 1,048 different combinations to choose from to play’ n go. To land on a winning combination, you have to master 3, 4 or even 5 of the symbol arranged in the center of the reel starting from the first reel on top.

Although it sounds like a myth, the Fire Toad comes with a lot of bonus slot game features. Apart from the eight reels, there is also a mushroom like island where you can slide on to with ease. And if you do not know which direction the lightening is pointing, it will give you hints that will direct you in the right direction. This is just one of the fire toad bonus features and there are plenty more to come.

This slot machine also comes with a special symbol upgrade feature wherein the jackpot increases with every pull of the handle as well as with every new combination that you pull out. Plus, it comes with three different symbol slots and an impressive bonus time of 2 hours for you to breeze through this whole game. This is one of the best features of this fire toad whereby you get to maximize your winnings.

There are other great features that this machine has to offer. It comes with two mini slot machines as well as a high variance slot combination machine. With the mini slot machines, you can bet in four specific colors (red, blue, black and white) and enjoy a small fortune to pull them out. On the other hand, the high variance slot machine gives you the chance to win a jackpot that is equivalent to a month’s salary!

Lastly, this machine can be connected to your internet so that you can play online as well. You can connect this to your personal computer and connect as many as five reels simultaneously. You can switch between all the symbols and win the amount of money in one shot. With this, you are assured to have fun with Fire toad while enjoying the convenience of playing this on the internet.


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