Elements is a slot machine that is part of the MegaCD franchise. Like many other similar slot games, Elements is an update of the old Baccarat. It also differs from the older games because it has some unique qualities.

One of the unique features of Elements is the music. The song that plays while you spin your reels is a hauntingly beautiful tune and the music adds to the feel of the slots. The dark background also includes a frozen world-scale, filled with ice peaks and a bright volcano area. In addition, the symbols on the jackpot icons are arranged in a unique fashion, as well as a special symbol for each jackpot amount. When you reach a certain number of icons, a small graphic of your virtual prize appears on screen. In this way, Elements is somewhat different than the other slot games in which the symbols are randomly arranged.

Another unusual feature of Elements is the bonus system. When you place a bet, you choose one of the many icons that appear on a payline. You can then choose to match either a vertical or horizontal line or an alpha option to indicate whether to match the icon with the symbol on the payline or not. After you make your choice, you must then click on the “match” button or spin the reels to match the icon with the symbol on the payline, and you earn your winnings.

However, not all of these winnings are paid off automatically. Some winnings come from “free spins” as well. The concept behind free spins is that when you initially enter the slot machine, you are given five free spins with each of the five symbols on the jackpot. You do not have to spend any coins of value to use these free spins. Naturally, these free spins will allow you to see what symbols can yield you the highest return. But there is a catch – these free spins will only last for about seven seconds, making it very difficult to take advantage of.

To counteract this, the developers of Elements introduce what they call “auction mode.” When you enter the game and set a bid on a symbol, you will be shown a list of all of the bidders who have set bids lower than yours. Clicking on any of the icons will show you how high each bidder is bidding for his symbol. At this point, you can decide whether you wish to match the bid or just roll the reels and continue playing, or if you wish to trigger the avalanche and take full advantage of all the free falls that the game has to offer.

Elements is essentially a game of chance, but it does have a bit more strategy behind it than just luck. Each time you enter the casino with a symbol, a random number generator determines what symbols will come up. Some symbols are worth more than others, though the more expensive symbols tend to be in high demand, and thus, hot items on the auction block, like tails, double tails, or other rare symbols. Because winning in Elements is based on strategy more than luck, it is recommended that you play with at least four players and try to win some money.


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