3 clown monty


The story of 3 clown monty slot machines that take you from nowhere to another within seconds of being played is quite comical in itself. It’s about a young boy who can’t keep his hands off of a beautiful girl he met on the street. This girl is called the Queen of Diamonds and is one of the most sought after women in all of the United States. A man named Phil gets his hands on the diamond bracelet owned by the Queen and decides to sell it for a huge profit. Little did he know that the diamond he was looking for was actually a fake.

When the owner of a small store discovered that Phil had tampered with the diamond, he rounded up all of the staff of the store and used them to his factory. There he attempted to fix the diamond to exacting standards, but he only managed to scratch it slightly, which caused the Queen of Diamonds to attack him and bite him right on his cheek. He quickly developed amnesia ever since and has basically shunned the world of casinos ever since. Now you’re stuck with this crazy clown monty that can only be played in the mobile slot games available now on your mobile device.

This isn’t the only game involving the infamous “Clown Monty” and his crazy grin. In fact there are three games based around him. You can play as the Clown Monty himself, a variation where you can change clothing and even a time playing a game against him and his competitor. There is also the standard version that is played on a rectangular base and the table top version. Both versions have a standard scoring system where you can see how many points you have earned by the type of winning lines you lay out and the amount of coins you bet. The winning potential is dependent on the way you play the game and depending on the layout of the grid.

The standard game of “3 Clown Monty” comes with a variety of different card suits and reels. These suits and reels feature different icons for you to choose from and include the classic clown logo, a smiley face, a number one, a tail with four children or an increasing number of children as you lay out your winning lines. The style of the icons used in these card suits and reels give the game a very distinctive look. In addition to the traditional clown look, you can also use a look that represents your profession, the number five, the bucket full of gifts, the lion, the pumpkin, a clock, a bushel and a pig to help make your winning lines unique.

When it comes to making your own winning combinations in the standard game of “3 Clown Monty,” there are two ways to make things more interesting. First, you can experiment with the different icons to see what you can do with each one. Second, you can experiment with the reels to see what patterns can be used with them to create winning combinations. Each version of the game includes its own bonus round to extend the game and make it more fun, but the best way to see what combinations are possible for all reels in the base game and then experimenting with the multiplier meter and bonus round will allow you to have an easier time coming up with your own winning combinations.


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