EYOWF 2013 Volunteers Department

Mr. Razvan ENOIU
E-mail: voluntar@eyowf2013.ro

General Information
 The team of volunteers for EYOWF 2013 is called the “Volunteers EYOWF 2013″. There is a total of about 480 members taking part in the organization of the Festival.

 Volunteer activities
All volunteers are trained in their spheres of activities by the manager of each department and each volunteer has an individual set of tasks to carry out.

Volunteer working hours
Most volunteers will work a maximum of 10 hours per day. For this reason, volunteers take shifts in some of the activities.

Language skills
Most of the volunteers are language competent, mainly in English. Please excuse some eventual poor pronunciation.

 How to recognize a volunteer?
All volunteers are dressed in the same uniform marked with the signs of the competition, and their accreditations are marked „Volunteer”.

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