Maria Stavitskaya – “Queen” of Figure Skating

The ice rink in Poiana Brasov held the competitions of figure skating – Girls. After two days in which the skaters competed within the short programme and, respectively, the free programme, the final ranking was determined. The winner was Maria Stavitskaia from Russia, with 149.14 points. The technique made the difference between the 1st ranked and the skater ranked the 2nd place, Anais Ventard (France), cumulating 138.73 points, who was the public’s favourite for her exceptional evolution on ice, warmly applauded. The 3rd skater on the podium was Maria Herceg from Germany, with 120.97 points. Romania’s representative, Denisa Sandu. ranked the 22nd place, cumulating 84.46 points.

 The winner declared: “It is the most valuable performance and medal in my career. I worked hard to obtain it. I practice figure skating since I was 4. I made several mistakes but eventually I passed beyond them. I will train for the juniors world championships, hoping for the same good evolution. I enjoyed the atmosphere in Brasov and I will remember it with great pleasure.”

 Photo, from right to left: Stavitskaia, Ventard, Herceg

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