EYOWF 2013 Logo and Mascot


The logo has the form of a snowflake in the five Olympic colors. The beauty of snowflakes is that each one is different, there are no two snowflakes alike and while they are so fragile, together they become a force.
The same way, each athlete has their own strengths and qualities. And the thing that makes them even greater is the team spirit; that is what makes one go the extra mile and that is what makes one exceed all limits.


eyowf 2013 mascot instancesThe official mascot of EYOWF 2013 is Martin, the Carpathian Brown Bear. Martin is dressed in red, yellow and blue clothes, representing the colors of the Romanian national flag.
Although the bear is present in almost all the places in the world, the Carpathian Brown Bear is an animal considered to be Romanian, because of its large presence in the Carpathian mountains from our country.
The bear has been largely present in the Romanian culture, inspiring a lot of songs and fairytales.

Martin is presented in several instances, corresponding to the eight sporting events of EYOWF 2013: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Ski jumping, Short Track, Figure Skating and Snowboarding.